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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Rules Dating Coaching

Rules Dating Coaching:

You might be interested to note that, in addition to being a licensed psychotherapist specializing in Couples' Counseling, I am also a Rules Dating Coach (see "The Rules.Com) on the web.

The Rules are a particular type of dating for women like you, wherein you learn to be sought-after by the man of your choice by a simple formula which all but guarantees that you begin to date with self-esteem in all areas of your dating life.  

I was personally trained by the authors of the mega best-seller, "The Rules," and I continue to use them with any dating woman who wants a ring on her finger and a marriage proposal in a realistic amount of time.  No more pursuing men who don't move up or forward.  I believe "The Rules" are the ultimate dating guide for women and I am informed by them whenever I do dating coaching.

The Rules have become a mega-brand and I am proud to utilize them in my work.  They are the ultimate guide to dating with self-esteem.  Some of the things I will teach you when we do Rules Dating Coaching are:

1. Don't chase a man -- ever.  Allow him to come to you first.

2. Don't sit or stand next to a man you like (say at a party) without letting him find you first.  In this way you can easily know if you are his look/type -- because he found you on his own, with no help from you. Sounds counter-intuitive but it really works. 

3. By not pursuing a man (and instead letting him pursue you), "you automatically become a healthier, more grounded and self-empowered person."

The premise of The Rules, and what I will teach you, is that man is the natural pursuer and you, a strong, independent woman in every way, will not chase a man who does not return your feelings (all the way up to the ring and the altar -- and even after marriage!).

The Rules is not a game or ever hurtful, but it is a dating strategy whereby you "only love those who love you."  I can help you do just that. The rules are the ultimate in dating with self-esteem.

I also do Rules dating groups, so ask about them when you call!


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